I’m full of love, and nobody wants it.
― Unknown (via sarahkitten)


why do old people drive slow they barely have any time left like GOOOOO ur dying

Today has probably been the weirdest day of my life


the real question is how did i get addicted to this site 


*pets your grunge*

wow, its so soft


*on the phone with police after reporting a murder* no you hang up first


This week on Tumblr:

It’s a metaphor. You’re a metaphor. I’m a metaphor. Your keybord is a metaphor. Everything is a metaphor. The universe is turning into one giant metaphor on a molecular scale. Run. It’s too late.


do you want to cuddle and play video games all night?

a) yes
b) a
c) b

Anonymous: Are you in love with anybody?

Ya but I fuck everything up sooooooo


stop being rude and start being nude